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Productize Your Business Ideas with Innovative Food Science and Technology !

Have you ever come across business idea and wondering how to bring food product to market?

It starts with ideation for food product development which most people do have in mind, and then phases that most people did not start on - prototyping, product and process development, assessment on compliance of food labelling and food regulations, selection of the suitable food ingredients and process technology, meeting the right product cost without compromising sensory profile and nutritional profile… Complicated process to pick up especially for new starter!

iFoodTrient is a team of experienced food tech enthusiasts who are passionate to share the latest food trends and food nutrition insight with you, guiding you with our experiences on your path in food product and process development.

Let's put the power of the experienced food consultants at iFoodTrient to work for you, so you can focus on setting new business strategy and save your most valuable asset-TIME!

We can help wade through the technicalities, so you can focus on your core business.

Our Consultation Services

  • Food product development

  • Formulation design & development

  • Food process development

  • Food Nutrition labeling & regulatory

  • Food ingredient supply & OEM sourcing

  • Sensory evaluation

  • Shelf life optimization

  • Latest food trends research

  • Market research information

Informative Interview


Feel free to make contact, cut your hassles & let's create the impossible !

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